Local organization, ‘Letters in Motion,’ gathering aid for Nepal

MARTIN, Tenn. — A West Tennessee college student is organizing aid to help the victims of Nepal’s devastating earthquake whose death toll has now surpassed 4,000 people. John Sellers, a UT Martin student, said his family has been helping orphans in Nepal his entire life, and he has a trip planned to the country this summer. His own organization, “Letters in Motion,” is ready to help the small country. Now with thousands of residents in Nepal dead after this weekend’s earthquake, he said their help is needed even more. “The death toll from reports that we have in Nepal are reaching over 4,000, an estimate after all of the aftershocks come in, we’ll reach over 10,000 people,” Letters in Motion founder John Sellers told WBBJ on Monday. Sellers’ family runs orphanages in Nepal that care for several hundred children at a time. He said there were more than a million orphans in Nepal prior to the earthquake. Letters in Motion already had planned a trip to the country for later this summer to deliver more than 3,000 letters written to the orphans of Nepal. “Six people from Martin, one from Bethel and two students from Union are all traveling with us on June 8th to deliver these letters and also to provide emergency aid for the tragedy that struck there,” Sellers said. “What we wanted to do initially was bring hope to orphans and improve the living conditions of orphans,” Letters in Motion member Courtney Pearson said. “Now it is a much more direct way to do this.” Pearson said this will be her first trip to Nepal and that being able to help, especially now, means so much more. “Being able to do that, just from a local UTM school, being able to be connected in that way and go across the world and to change the lives of orphans on the other side of the globe is a huge thing for me,” Pearson said. For information on how you can help their cause, visit www.golettersinmotion.com.

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