Tree crashes into Brownsville family’s home

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BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — A Brownsville family says they are thankful they are alive Tuesday after a tree to falls into their home while they were inside. Christie Henry said it sounded like an earthquake when a tree fell into the home she has lived in for 20 years. Contractors said two trees on the property fell due to rain-soaked ground and high winds. “I don’t know how we’re not seriously injured, but we’re blessed,” Henry said. Her daughter, Morgan, was visiting from Nashville at the time of the incident. She said branches and debris hit right in the middle of the bed they were sleeping in. “Had the whole trunk come down, it would’ve smashed the whole half of the house,” Morgan said. Christie said they already have spent thousands of dollars cleaning up the damage and that they will not be finished for about six weeks. She said that included outside repair with utilities plus structure damage to her home. For now, the family is staying in the safer half of the home. Christie said she is just thankful she and her daughter are alive after such a close encounter. Henry said an insurance adjuster has visited the home but has not given an estimate on the complete cost of damages. The family has connected with Poplar Corner Baptist Church. Donations can be sent to P.O. Box 376 Brownsville, TN 38012.

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