Puppy safe after suspected animal cruelty in Hardeman Co.

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BOLIVAR, Tenn. — One puppy is lucky to be alive thanks to a logger in Hardeman County after what appears to be a severe case of animal cruelty. H20 was found chained up in the woods Wednesday by a creek in Bolivar. According to Old Hatchie Veterinary Clinic vet tech Sarah Broyles, a logger heard a dog barking and brought the dog to the clinic for treatment.

But why the H20? “He has been in the water so long and there was suggestions like ‘Creek’ and ‘River,’ but I like weird names, so he’s H20!” Broyles said. Broyles said H20 was abandoned in the water for a long time. “From his condition, easily a couple days, could be up to a week or so. I’m assuming somebody put him in there to drown.” Broyles says the owners probably assumed the water in the creek would rise due to the recent rains, but luckily for H20 that didn’t happen. When H20 got to the clinic, they saw he was malnourished, had infections and displayed other severe symptoms. “Severe neglect — he has a demodectic mange,” Broyles said. “It’s a mite that’s on their skin that makes their hair fall out.” Unfortunately, animal neglect is common in young puppies, according to Hardeman County animal control officer Kim White. “Most of them are dogs that people have had for a long time, but then again the biggest issue is unwanted puppies.” H20 will be up for adoption at the Hardeman County Animal Shelter after he fully recovers. If you would like to donate to H20’s care, you can contact the Old Hatchie Veterinary Clinic.

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