Police: Woman assaults customer in Walmart with baseball bat

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HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — Police say when Raven Symone Pearson walked into Walmart Wednesday afternoon, she had a baseball bat and used it to beat a woman in front of her 9-year-old daughter. Officers say when they arrived they found Pearson attacking the woman. Many say violence like this isn’t common in Humboldt and now has them on edge. “In front of a child — that’s even worse,” resident Walter Lockart said. “It’s bad enough to do it in the dark but in the open day to just walk in and beat somebody, that’s not right.” For residents like Shirley Perry, a brutal attack like this makes her afraid to go out. “It’s really scary. I try to stay home at night, but in broad daylight, that’s really scary,” Perry said. Kyle Dewberry has a teenager and a 9-year-old child himself and says assaults like this remind him to always be on the lookout. “But to do that in front of a child obviously means that she had no concern at all for the welfare of a minor in her personal attack on her victim,” Perry said. For David Eldridge, this attack raises one question. “There had to been other shoppers in the Walmart. Why didn’t anybody man up, woman up, and take the lady down instead of letting her beat down on somebody?” Eldridge said. “It just makes us aware that these things can happen — small town USA or Detroit, Atlanta, Big City USA — it can happen right where you are at any moment,” Dewberry said. Humboldt police arrested Pearson on charges of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. She currently is free on bond. The victim’s condition is unknown at this time.

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