Second fire at local church in 2 days

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CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. — A local church has been hit not once but twice with fire in the last two days. A second fire hit Cairo Baptist Church Wednesday morning in Alamo, causing even more damage. “About 6 o’clock or so this morning we had some more, had the fire department come back out again, and got it back under control,” Cairo Baptist Church Pastor Bob Dennison said. “There’s a lot of heat, smoke, water damage then damage from the fire itself.” Fire officials are still uncertain of what caused either fire. The pastor says now the congregation is focusing on moving forward and picking up the pieces to find out what comes next. “The good thing is we are just talking about the building,” Dennison said. “Our people are the church and they love this community, and they are going to continue to serve the Lord in this community.” Liz Ward is a youth leader for the church and said she never expected to see this. “None of us have gone through anything like this before,” Ward said. “Our pastor’s wife and I were talking about it yesterday that we’ve never been in a church where something like this happened. You hear about it happening everywhere else, but you don’t expect it to happen to your church.” Regardless of the cause, Ward said she is grateful the church can still meet. “It’s just how it goes, you know? You can’t control it,” Ward said. “There’s no reason getting mad because you can’t do anything about it. So just praise God and move on.” The church will continue to meet for its services in their educational building nearby. Fire officials are trying to rule out any accidental causes of the fire and say their No. 1 priority is finishing the investigation so the church can start to rebuild.

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