Summer heat is rising, and so are AC bills

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JACKSON, Tenn. — With it being the hottest day of the year Sunday, many air conditioners across West Tennessee were running at full speed, and that’s coming at a price. “The hot weather came in finally, and it looks like it is going to stay that way for awhile,” B.W. White said. White, who owns Jackson Heating and Air Conditioning, said it’s the simple things that will keep you from running into bigger problems. “The biggest enemy of air conditioning would be dirt, and so regular schedule, planned service and maintenance is probably the very best thing you could do as far as heating and air conditioning systems are concerned,” White said. One of the biggest mistakes is shutting off your air conditioner when you leave your home. Experts say to instead bump up the temperature by a couple degrees. There are a few other tricks to help limit the AC costs, such as closing your blinds and changing your air filter. However, experts say the best advice is to pay attention to your unit to ensure its longevity. “If you have long run times and it doesn’t seem to keep up and it always has been in the past, even in 95 degree temperatures, it may be something to check,” White said.

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