Bruceton playing catch up

BRUCETON, Tenn. – The graduation of 13 seniors is leaving a big void for Bruceton’s football team to fill. What makes it tougher for head coach Jamie Williams is that entire group either started or played significant minutes. “We’re way behind schedule where we need to be,” Williams said. “Anytime you graduate 13 seniors in a 1A school, it’s pretty tough.” Tigers will be without skill players Kaelin and Andrew Willis. Williams says his senior quarterback Chase Bratton needs to step up. “Gotta do a better job than he did last year,” Williams said. “We’re not young, but inexperienced. They’ve got a long ways to go where we were last year.” Williams knew what to expect with last year’s unit. He can’t the same this season. “They don’t have the game situation and big moment situation,” Williams said. “Do I think they can handle it — not at this point, but I think we can instill it in them.” Bruceton’s first test is on the road against West Carroll. Their home opener is the following week against South Fulton.