Residents concerned after overnight shooting in midtown Jackson

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JACKSON, Tenn. — Shots ring out in midtown Jackson overnight, and a neighborhood normally known for its safety is now on edge. Residents said more and more criminals are finding their way to their quiet neighborhood. The Jackson Police Department hasn’t released much information about the Wednesday night shooting that ended with a portion of North Highland Avenue littered with shell casings. As police continue to investigate, residents in midtown said gunfire isn’t something they’re used to hearing. “We just heard several shots, and they were extremely loud,” resident Osau Tredwell said. The gunfire drowned out the normal sounds of cars passing. “My daughter was the one who initially first heard it, and I know it scared her,” Tredwell said. She’s a teenager and she goes to school in this neighborhood, so it’s really kind of scary knowing that you have small children. You don’t want them outside.” Jackson police said the shots rang out around 10 p.m. in the 400 block of North Highland near King Street. They said no one was injured. “I was up in my room laying down when I heard them,” resident Robert Borner said. “I just stayed laying down because, you know, bullets don’t have eyes.”

“Residents said they believe the shootout happened in a driveway off Highland where they said more than a dozen shell casings were seen littering the ground. But as quickly as the gunfire erupted the residents said the shooters were gone. “There were several gunshots, and then I saw a car spin away out of the driveway,” Borner said. Investigators haven’t released any possible suspects or motives, but residents said crimes like this one are getting all too common. “Me and my family have only been here for about three years, and this year has been the most crime that we’ve seen,” Tredwell said. “It has to be coming from somewhere.” Whether it’s coming from the north, south, east or west, curbing it, residents said, boils down to one thing. “We need a lot more patrols in this area,” Tredwell said. “It’s getting to be bad, and the sad part about it is that it’s starting to be younger people.” WBBJ hoped to share more details about overall crime in this area of midtown Jackson, but the police department did not get back to us with that information. However, they did tell us they have limited details about the shooting because of a lack of witnesses coming forward. Officers tell us no one was hurt and no property was damaged. If you have information that might help, call Jackson police at 731-425-8400 or Crime Stoppers at 731-424-TIPS (8477). Jackson Police also provided to us crime statistics for this area of Midtown Jackson. These are the stats from May 1, 2013 to Aug 13, 2015 Aggravated Assault – 2 All other larcenies – 4 Burglary / Breaking and Entering – 3 Counterfeiting / Forgery – 1 Credit Card / ATM Fraud – 2 Destruction / Damage / Vandalism of Property – 2 Drug / Narcotics Violations – 2 Impersonation – 1 Intimidation – 2 Investigation -Assist other agency – 1 Motor Vehicle Theft – 1 Simple Assault – 1 Suspicious Situations or Persons – 3 Theft From Building – 1 Theft From Motor Vehicle – 1 Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts – 1 Total – 28

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