Sheriff puts ‘In God We Trust’ decal on patrol cars

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DYERSBURG, Tenn. — “In God We Trust” — the four words are now present on more patrol cars in West Tennessee. A local sheriff has found a way to attach the motto to the cars his deputies drive, and it’s without shelling out his money or using taxpayer funds. “It’s something that’s located on our money. It’s something the Supreme Court has reaffirmed several times,” Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box said. “We are proud to display some of the words our country was built on, on our patrol cars.” Since 2010, Box says the motto “In God We Trust” has been a part of his office after being featured on their chaplain’s badge. Now, he says it’s an option he’s given his deputies. “We have allowed all of our deputies to apply the decal to their car. We don’t force them to apply them,” Box said. Box says the decals you now see on the backs of most of the Dyer County patrol cars came at no cost because they were donated by David Luckett Graphics. “I think the majority of the people think it’s about time we take the sheriff, the police department and make it ‘In God We Trust,'” McKinley Price said. “There is going to be a lot of people that don’t believe in it, but you are going to have a few negative minds, but most of the people will like it.” Sheriff Box says the motto is not only about words but about trust between law enforcement and the community. “It makes you feel good when you put words out there like ‘In God We Trust’ and you think the community and those statements that you make, know they can trust you, and that’s what we want is trust,” Box said. Box says this is a trend currently making its way across West Tennessee and the country. But some Dyer County residents say they understand why some may never approve. “Other people may look at it differently because it is going against what they believe in and they may look at it a different way,” Virgil Davison said. “But me personally, I have no problem with it.”

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