Madison Co. Sheriff’s Office more than doubles number of patrol deputies

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MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Deadly officer-involved shootings force many departments to rethink how they respond to calls. The Madison County Sheriff‘s Office is one of them, saying residents should expect to see more deputies. Deputy Randall Blankenship runs radar Wednesday, pulling people over in Madison County. “There’s no routine call anymore,” he said. “The next call we make may be the last one we make.” The Madison County Sheriff‘s Office says expect to see more deputies on calls, and if there is a stop more than one car could respond. “You never know,” Madison County Sheriff‘s Office Spokesperson Tom Mapes said. “A routine stop that we think is a routine stop could be fatal. You just don’t know. It’s so crazy out there right now.” Mapes said the department more than doubled the number of patrol deputies since September, and the extra manpower means extra backup. “That’s always comforting to have that extra manpower available and to know that there’s somebody there that’s got your back,” Blankenship said. The sheriff‘s office said they currently have 64 reserve deputies and hope to increase that number to 100 reserve deputies. Mapes said deputies are divided into six zones across the county. “If something happens in one zone and those officers aren’t busy in their zones, then go right to help and back up the officer that does need help,” Mapes said. Blankenship said the job is dangerous and backup is essential. “I’ve made it 30 years in this career, and I hope to make it to retirement,” he said. The sheriff‘s office says reserve deputies must be with a full-time deputy to assist on calls.

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