Several Shootings in Bolivar

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BOLIVAR, Tenn.–Within the last 48 hours the city of Bolivar has seen multiple shootings and reports of gunfire, but shockingly no one has been hit. Victims and community members are now stepping forward to help stop the spike of violence in the area. “Turn yourself in because you done messed up my house,” Judy Fuller said. Bullet holes are not becoming too familiar in Bolivar neighborhoods. “We were sitting in their watching TV and I thought someone put off firecrackers and then bullets started flying through my house,” Fuller said. Judy Fuller is just one of several victims in five shootings in the area over the past two days, according to police reports. “They don’t care, they don’t care who gets hurt and what if it had been one of these children that had got shot I’d be burying somebody this weekend,” Fuller said. Fuller said family members were sitting outside underneath their carport when two men dressed in all black approached and fired 15 shots. Neighbors in the area who did not want to be identified out of fear said they heard the whole thing. “We are sitting on the porch and all of a sudden we hear 10 to 12 shots. Then we go into the house and that’s all we can do and pray.” Bolivar Police Chief Pat Baker was unavailable for comment Thursday, but he did mention that this year’s violence is significantly lower than the violence his department faced last year. Chief Baker said currently his department is doing all they can to protect its citizens and finding those responsible before something more serious happens. “You don’t know who’s doing it or who it’s coming from or what’s going on but you hope that soon it will stop,” A neighbor in the area said. Chief Baker said officers arrested a juvenile Wednesday in a incident involving a gun and are listing the juvenile as a person of interest in the shootings. But for victims its still not making sense and are still asking why this is now happening so close to home. “That’s what they want to do. Go to war, go to the army if you want to fight, don’t go by shooting innocent people,” Fuller said. Bolivar Police said cooperation from the public has been limited and are asking any witnesses or those with information to come forward immediately.

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