Officials: Dog beaten, left for dead in dumpster

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JACKSON, Tenn. — A miniature poodle is in intensive care after being severely beaten and left in a dumpster outside a Bemis business. Officers with Jackson Animal Control said the dog was left for dead. “If he survives, the chances of him having permanent brain damage are very likely,” Whitney Owen said. Owen responded to the call Monday afternoon after customers at the One Stop in Bemis heard the pup moving around in the dumpster. “The customer told me there was a dog in my dumpster, and I came and checked and it was alive,” said Pinky Patel, who works at the convenience store. Owen said the dog was close to death when she rescued him. “He was either beaten before he was put into the dumpster or he was picked up and slammed into the bottom of that dumpster,” she said. Owen believes a person is responsible for Winston’s injuries, which include severe head trauma, a dislocated hip, critical internal bruising and some blindness. According to Owen, it is unlikely Winston was hit by a car before being discarded in the dumpster. “He doesn’t have any external injuries — no road rash, no scrapes, no contusions or abrasions. His toenails are not broken off,” she said. Winston is recovering at a veterinary clinic in Jackson. While his status is listed as beyond critical condition, he is showing signs of improvement. “The way they were talking last night is the dog probably wouldn’t make it through the night,” Margaret Johns said. Johns works next door to the dumpster. She said she was thrilled the dog made it through the night. On Tuesday, the nearly 3-year-old dog ate food and began lifting his head. Winston is believed to be a family pet. “He’s been groomed recently. He looks like he’s been taken care of up until very recently,” Owen said. “He’s a good, healthy weight. His teeth are in good condition.” It’s unclear who he belongs to and who may be responsible for his beating. Employees said the dumpster is out of view of the store’s security cameras. Winston’s vet said X-rays show the pooch does not have spinal damage. Nonprofit “Beyond Bars Animal Rescue” has taken on paying for the $200 daily treatment for Winston. Donations to help with the care can be made at Once released from the intensive care unit, Winston will go into foster care with BBAR. Owen said the group would like to find the poodle’s owners but also will give the dog a good foster home for recovery. Anyone with information on the abuse is asked to call Owen at (731) 467-6167. Callers can remain anonymous.

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