Citizens commemorate 9/11 at Shiloh Battlefield

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HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — Shiloh battlefield remembers 9/11 Friday by allowing visitors to place flags in the front lawn. This is a yearly tradition that will continue on 9/11. “It doesn’t seem like it was 14 years ago,” said park visitor Janet Griffin.

Dale Wilkerson, Shiloh Battlefield’s superintendent said, “in that year, many people came to the park and place flags in honor and in remembrance of what had occurred. Every year we’ve tried to just continue this practice.” To some, this was a time to reflect on the tragedies that took place on this date in 2001. “Battle fields are always such a hallowed ground and it’s a very appropriate place to have a remembrance for 9/11,” said park visitor Ruth Bailey. For others, this was a time to remember how our county was changed. “I had family that lived in New York not far from there and it was very frightening,” said Mary Pollard. “I think the older people realize the impact it did have on this country.” Many visitors said this is an honorable way to remember the lives that were lost during the terrorist attacks. “It’s one of those things we have to keep fresh in our hearts or if we forget the tragedy that took place on this day,” said Griffin. “If we loose our resolve to make sure we stay diligent against the people that attacked us then we become complacent.” Griffin said the battlefield holding this remembrance is even more special Friday. “It’s definitely something. To be in this spot at Shiloh Battlefield and commemorate all at the same time, it’s a special time.” All flags were provided, free of charge, by the park for any visitor who wanted to participate.

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