Some Stanton Village residents living in mold

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STANTON, Tenn. — Some Stanton Village residents are complaining about about their living conditions. Residents claim they’ve been living in mold for months and that management has done nothing about it. “I been having mold in my apartment like for two and a half months,” said Yasha Grey, a Stanton Village resident. “I been asking the landlord to fix it and do things and they won’t.” In one particular apartment unit, mold could clearly be seen on the ceiling. The apartment unit above that one showed severe signs of mold on the floors. Residents are not only concerned about the condition of the apartment, but they’re also concerned about their health. “The mold has gotten so ridiculous in my apartment that it’s making me and my son go to the doctor,” Resident Dameka Lacks said. The concerned Stanton Village residents say they just want their apartments fixed, and some said they’ve made complaints to management but that they haven’t been addressed.

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