Hardeman County commissioners approve officer threat resolution

BOLIVAR, Tenn. — Hardeman County commissioners approved an unprecedented measure, Tuesday night. The commission approved a resolution created by Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain. It makes any type of threat to a law enforcement officer a felony. “This law is called the Tennessee Blue Line Crossing Law,” he said. “We named it that because we think that you’re crossing the line when you threaten one of our officers.” The Tennessee Blue Line Crossing Resolution would make threatening an officer a Class E felony. It includes verbal threats along with any threats made over social media websites and apps. Some officers like Chris Burken are in support of this newly proposed resolution. “I think it’s awesome! What excites me the most is that our local officials that we’ve elected to put in these positions have got our backs. They’re standing up for us.”, said Officer Burken. Commissioners approved the resolution with a 13-1 vote. Hardeman County plans to go to the state legislation board in January in hopes of making it a state law.

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