Strange smell prompts concern in local neighborhood

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MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — A smelly situation in Madison County had residents calling the WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News room, Thursday. The chief at the Madison County Fire Department said they received calls, too. Due to the number of calls, firefighter went out looking for the source of what callers described as an “unbearable smell.” Those living over a distance of several miles were affected. “We’re outdoor people over here and we haven’t been coming outside,” Pat Hampton said. “Only to go to work and coming home.” Residents said the stench was present everyday and that concerned them. “Some neighbors thought the worst or there could be some kind of meth lab,” Madison County Fire Chief Eric Turner said. “We had all different types of calls about it.” But officials determined, although a little odd, this smell was all natural. “It was chicken manure, for fertilizer,” Chief Turner said. “It’s a substitute for commercial fertilizers.” Some residents say the smell has been so bad at times they’ve become nauseous and can’t eat. “We’ve got to live with this,” Hampton said. “They said it would be five to seven days before it would go away.” Firefighters said they spent hours searching for the source and although a little smelly, they’re happy it wasn’t anything worse. “I know it’s not funny to the people out there because the smell is not that good,” Chief Turner said. “But after finding out what it was it’s a good outcome and it will get better.” The department said this type of chicken manure is organic and the smell poses no threat to the surrounding area. They said the smell will hopefully lessen over the next few days.

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