North Jackson street draws hundreds for tricks and treats

JACKSON, Tenn. — Thousands of kids across West Tennessee dodged Mother Nature’s “trick” to get a Halloween “treat”. The threat of rain didn’t stop kids in costumes from hitting the streets. From ghouls to knights, everyone made a scene and trick-or-treated throughout their own ‘Halloween Town.’ For one neighborhood in North Jackson, their street becomes a scene that will make you scream. “:I think I do it more for the kids and for the experience. First off, I have a ton of fun doing it and I think everybody else involved looks forward to it year around,” homeowner and scary coordinator Dustin Ring said. Ring said he has been setting up the elaborate sight for four years, but it’s roots are much deeper. “My father inspired me. Actually, he used to do it for me when I was a kid and it just got better and better then I moved into my own house that’s what I wanted to do,” Ring said. Trick or treaters in Jackson have been enjoying a night of tricks and screams, to sweets and dreams. Crazy characters of all ages have been trolling the neighborhoods taking advantage of this ‘spooktacular’ night. For Ring, the night is more than just about candy. He hopes to keep the spirit of spooky alive. “You know trick or treat is kind of a dying thing now and we love just being able to do the trick or treat thing.” Ring said last year he had around 500 spectators to his haunted home, and says there was an even bigger turnout this year.

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