City of Brownsville now facing federal lawsuit

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — The city of Brownsville is now facing a federal lawsuit making claims of excessive force and wrongful arrest. Edwin Smith is the man behind the lawsuit. He is suing the city after the alleged events happened back in 2014. The lawsuit has Brownsville Mayor Bill Rawls concerned. “We’re gonna take the recommendation of what our legal team has to offer to make sure all parties involved and all allegations are investigated to the fullest, and that everyone is satisfied.” According to the lawsuit, Smith claims that officers illegally entered and searched his home back in March of 2014. Smith alleged that once the officers arrested him, excessive force was used. Since then one of the officers questioned was terminated. Although Mayor Rawls was not in office during the initial incident, he wants to make sure everything is handled properly and ensures Brownsville police follow protocol. “We have a zero tolerance for use of excessive force in our police department. Officers are well trained and courteous to all individuals.” According to Mayor Rawls, body cams were used by the Brownsville police department during the initial time of the incident. That footage along with other evidence is being investigated.

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