Crockett Co. deputies seek to return child’s tombstone found near Alamo

CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. — A mystery out of Crockett County has officers investigating what they said may be a Halloween prank. A child’s tombstone was fond thrown in a ditch and police are now looking to the public to find out where it belongs. Deputies said they unsure who the tombstone belongs to but believe it was for a little girl names Kenzlie. “We’re unable to locate where the headstone came from at this time and unable to locate who it belongs to,” Capt. Jordan Spraggins with the Crockett County Sheriff’s Office said. Kenzlie’s grave marker was found thrown in a ditch on the side of Phillips Road near Alamo on Sunday. Deputies said they have no clues as to who she is or who may have defaced her tombstone. “At first you want to think that it’s a Halloween prank,” Capt. Spraggins said. “But if it’s a prank it’s a pretty heinous prank and we’re not going to tolerate that.” Deputies said they’ve already searched a number of cemeteries close to where the stone was dumped but haven’t found any markers missing. That’s why they’re now expanding their search, looking to viewers like you and social media to see if someone might know who little Kenzlie was. “You look at it and you just immediately feel heart break for the family,” Spraggins said. “You don’t want to have them relive this, especially in this manner.” Although they may never know how the marker was uprooted, Investigators said it’s now just about bringing it back to Kenzlie’s eternal resting place. “Our goal is to return it back to where it belongs,” Capt. Spraggins said. “Give the family what they deserve.” Deputies said they believe the marker is from a local cemetery and are searching death records to see if they can find Kenzlie’s full name. But they said they’re more hopeful that viewers might recognize the name and help solve this mystery. If you know where it belongs or who little Kenzlie was call the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department at (731) 696-2104.

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