Milan elects new mayor

MILAN, Tenn. — After a hard-fought race, the city of Milan has a new mayor. Billy Warren Beasley took home the seat with 62 percent of the vote, beating his opponent, former mayor Don Farmer. The new mayor-elect celebrated the victory Thursday night with hundreds of supporters He said the highlight of the race was getting out on the streets and meeting the community. “It’s amazing the stories that you hear, and you learn the concerns of the citizens,” Beasley said. “That really gives you so much knowledge to hit the ground running when you take on the job.” Beasley said his main goal on day one in office is bringing job opportunities back to the city of Milan as well as focusing on a new way to market the city. He said it’s all about working together as a community to get things done. “We’re all in this for the betterment of this community,” Beasley said. “Don Farmer was, I was, and now we’ve got the whole town coming together to make this a better place to live.” Beasley will take over for current mayor Chris Crider, who did not seek re-election, on Jan. 1. Milan Mayor: B.W. Beasley 62% Don Farmer 38% Milan Alderman – Ward 1: Janie Albright 34% Bradley Arnold 26% Jack Cunningham 40% Milan Alderman – Ward 2: Hal Holmes, Sr. 82% Pieter Verhoek 18% Milan Aldeman – Ward 3: Jeffery Lifsey 55% Joyce Walker 44% Milan Special School Dist. Trustee At Large: Phyllis Grace 17% Kelly Lawrence 12% Will Ownby 71% Milan Special School Dis. Trustee – Ward 4: Gregory Horton 84% Michael Talerico 16% Milan Retail Package Store Referendum: For: 60% Against: 40% Milan Wine Retail Sales Referendum: For: 64% Against: 36%

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