Savannah celebrates grand opening of Veterans Park

SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Every war the United States has fought in is now a part of the Savannah community. After three years, the project is complete, and a ribbon cutting was held to honor the men and women who have served. An 80-foot American flag, along with flags to represent each branch of the military, was raised over the city. “I’ve always felt a sense of pride, and I got cold chills when I heard the National Anthem and saw the flag being raised,” James Deshazier said. Deshazier’s name is written in one of many of the bricks in the park. As a Vietnam Veteran, he was one of many filled with pride. Monuments represent every war, from the American Revolution to Operation Iraqi Freedom. “I think it’s wonderful this town cares enough about the men and women who serve our country to do something like this for them,” Savannah resident Nancy Shumard said. Every soldier has a connection to the park. “We want the veterans to be proud of it. It is a park for them, so we wanted them to have input into it, and it’s turned out great,” Mayor Bob Shutt explained. As more than a thousand gather across the grounds, the unveiling is just the beginning of what this park will mean to future soldiers. “This will be a location where school teachers and other groups can come and learn about our history, the great military history and sacrifice made in the great state of Tennessee by Tennesseans,” Major General Dan Wood said. The park sits downtown, and is free and open to the public.

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