Rape trial begins for former Jackson officer

JACKSON, Tenn. — Former Jackson Police Officer Lamont Gray sat in a courtroom Thursday on trial for allegedly raping a woman in her apartment in April of 2014. The victim, whom we are not identifying, took the stand and testified for more than two hours recounting the night she said the rape took place. She claims Gray forced himself on her after she asked him to come over. She said the two met after Gray had been helping her with her son. With a number of witnesses called by state prosecutor Shaun Brown, the court spent most of the time questioning sexual assault nurse Christin Gray, mainly on the victim’s behavior. The nurse testified the victim maintained eye contact and responded only when asked questions. Those were two options in a list of options from paperwork that’s required from a reported sexual assault. The nurse also testified she found no bruising or scratches on the victim’s body but said that is no indicator that something did or did not happen. A number of pieces of evidence were introduced, including swabs from the couch of the victim’s apartment and the clothes the victim was wearing. The trial is in recess until 8:45 a.m. Friday.

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