Find out if you have any unclaimed money waiting

The Tennessee Department of Treasury says to see if you have any unclaimed money, go to their website, The following is a message from the Department of Treasury’s office: You can visit to search for your name, and can file your claim online. Treasury recommends searching for common misspellings of your name and addresses as well. Claims can take 8-10 weeks to fully process, as the Unclaimed Property Division dutifully verifies the funds are truly going to the correct person. The division expedites claims filed through If you do not have internet access, you may call the Unclaimed Property Division at 615-741-6499 and we will start the claims process for you, and mail you a form to be completed. The appropriate documentation requested on the claim form will need to be mailed to the Unclaimed Property Division located in Nashville, TN. The Tennessee Treasury Department provides the unclaimed property service to citizens completely free of charge and will never ask you to pay a fee to claim money that belongs to you. If you are asked to make a payment to process your claim for unclaimed property, be aware you are working with a company that is not affiliated with the Tennessee Treasury Department.

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