Bikers donate to children’s hospital in inaugural toy run

JACKSON, Tenn. — Despite the colder weather and threat of rain, bikers hit the roads Saturday morning for a ride to remember. Last year Jimmy Sadler started a charity to raise toys and money for the disadvantaged and sick children of Madison County named Madison County Toys. This year, Sadler said he wanted to make an impact. In two months Madison County Toys organized their inaugural Toy Run with Bumpus Harley Davidson, donating gifts to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Jackson. “Jimmy contacted us about how they wanted to put on their first toy run and we said absolutely,” Bumpus Marketing Director Camron Rose said. “They are taking all of these gifts and they are going to run them down to the children’s hospital which you know nobody wants to be in a hospital this time of year and if we can do everything we can to try and make that spirit or this holiday better for them then absolutely.” Around 20 bikes and four vehicles made their way to Le Bonheur Saturday morning escorting a truck full of toys and gifts for the kids. “If you can hand a child or someone a gift and see a smile on their face, you know, you can’t buy that.,” Sadler said. “I think what I have seen is that bikers have some of the biggest hearts in Jackson Tennessee, and to see them wanting to spend their Saturday morning giving to children in this county I mean when I saw them pull up it just brought tears to my eyes to know that thy were doing this for our children at Le Bonheur,” Jackson Le Bonheur Manager Diane Rushing said. Sadler said he plans to make this an annual event, picking a different charity every year.

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