Gunfire heard by gas station employees overnight

WEST JACKSON, Tenn. — A gas station shooting has many Jackson residents shaken up. Witnesses said two people were shot at the Goldline gas Station off of Highway 45 bypass. According to a Goldline employee who wished to remain anonymous, the entire incident stemmed from an argument. “It was about 2 in the morning, some guys came in, then a crowd of girls came in, then it led to the two guys getting into it,” said the anonymous employee. Apparently the altercation carried outside the store, and one man shot the other near the pumps. Witnesses also said an innocent bystander was also shot in the incident. Cindy Millenger who works at the BP station across the street from the Goldline Station was working when the shots we’re fired. She said when she heard the shots, she instinctively locked the doors to keep her and her customers safe. Millenger also said after the shots were fired, everyone fled the scene. “There were so many cars at Goldline, you couldn’t even get in, and then once you heard the shots, everyone vanished.” The Jackson Police Department could not confirm any information.

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