Restaurants prepare Thanksgiving meals

JACKSON, Tenn. — Restaurants in Jackson prepared meals Wednesday for customers who do not want to cook on Thanksgiving. Cooks crowded the kitchen at Latham‘s Meat Company on Wednesday in north Jackson. “We do sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, just everything to make a dinner,” Latham‘s Meat Company Manager Tim Throne said. Throne said they smoked more than 2,000 turkeys this week. Customer David Woolfork picked his up on Wednesday. “That beats trying to deep fry it and cook it yourself,” he said. Halihannigan‘s Cafe and Cakery Co-Owner Neill Bartlett said this is their biggest pie day of the year and that they expect to sell hundreds. “They want to be able to come over and get something that looks like they’ve made it, tastes like they’ve made it, that they’re going to enjoy,” Bartlett said. Restaurants said customers like the convenience of not having to cook. “They want to be able to have the family over and not be in the kitchen the whole time,” Bartlett said. Just because someone else cooks does not mean it is not home cooking. Latham‘s said their recipes come from the owner‘s grandmother. “Everything tastes like it’s got a special touch like your grandmother used to cook,” Throne said. Latham‘s Meat Company and Halihannigan‘s Cafe and Cakery both will be closed Thanksgiving Day.

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