New director takes reigns of Brownsville chamber



BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — After nearly six months of vacancy, the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce director position has been filled. Steve Hilton has accepted the job and already has a few plans to make changes.

Hilton says his first line of work would be to make the Chamber of Commerce more accessible to chamber members and Brownsville residents alike. “One of the things that we’re going to try to implement immediately is rename three areas of our chamber out here,” Hilton said.

Hilton plans to alter different parts of the building in an effort to make the building more of an attraction to tourists. Among those plans is creating a stage space where different businesses can advertise products.

Chamber administrative assistant Marty Williams says Hilton seems like the perfect person for the job. “I think he’s going to be good for the community. He’s already been out among the retail people, which is what really needed to be done. He’s asked them for ideas and what they need him to do for them, and they love that.”

Hilton welcomes all suggestions on improvements to the Brownsville Chamber of Commerce.
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