Brownsville man credits officers with saving his life

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — A Brownsville man says he owes his life to two Brownsville officers who came to his rescue.

Michael Edwards, 63, was driving home from work Oct. 12 when he suddenly had a heart attack.

Brownsville Assistant Police Chief Kelvin Evans says that two officers were already in the area and instinctively acted to save Edwards’ life. “Mr. Edwards was unresponsive. The car was in reverse, and the officers proceeded to break the window and gain entry into the vehicle.”

Luckily, two officers were on scene and saw what was happening. One officer instinctively broke into the driver’s side window and started performing CPR on Edwards, a move Edwards really appreciates. “There was no pulse. I was out, but because the police officers arrived on the scene so quickly, they were able to keep the oxygen going to my brain.”

The two officers who came to Edwards’ aid recently were honored at a ceremony by Brownsville Mayor Bill Rawls.

Edwards would also like to thank the paramedics who also assisted in saving his life.

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