Jack Daniel’s sued over term ‘Fireball’ in Google ads

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – Alcoholic beverage company Sazerac has filed a lawsuit against Jack Daniel’s in Louisville’s District Court, claiming the company’s use of the term “Fireball” in Google advertisements for its Tennessee Fire whiskey has infringed upon Sazerac’s trademark rights.

Media outlets report the lawsuit was filed in November. Sazerac Brands of Louisville and its parent company – Sazarac Company, Inc. – are demanding that Jack Daniel’s be enjoined from using the term in any of its marketing, distribution or sales.

Jack Daniel’s has not yet filed a response. PR manager Svend Jansen has denied any improper practices.

Court documents say Fireball was created by Sazerac in 1988 and was trademarked in 2004.

Attorneys say Jack Daniel’s used “Fireball” as a Google AdWord to trigger paid advertisements that would appear at the top of a search for the term.