Man arrested in Henderson road rage incident involving pellet gun

HENDERSON, Tenn. — A West Tennessee man lands in jail after a road rage incident, police say.

“It’s not right and it’s scary,” Henderson driver Jodi Smith said after hearing a fellow driver had been arrested for aggravated assault in connection to an alleged Tuesday┬áincident.

Curtis Hopper was arrested Tuesday after police say two women traveling north on the bypass reported having an altercation with Hopper.

According to the incident report, the women said they were nearly hit by Hopper in his van at the intersection on North Church Avenue and the bypass.

The women told police they slowed down and pulled onto the emergency lane when Hopper pulled up beside them and pointed a black gun toward their vehicle.

“You don’t wave a gun at nobody,” Henderson driver Chris Holmes said.

When police located Hopper on Sand Road, they say they found a black pellet gun in his car. “I mean, you can get shot for anything. It’s crazy,” Holmes said.

Other drivers said it’s hard to tell the difference in guns when driving. “Whether it was real or not, the victim didn’t know that,” David Stansell said.

Police say a pellet gun is capable of fatally injuring someone.

Hopper is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in General Sessions Court.

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