Many line up to see new Star Wars film

JACKSON, Tenn. — Hundreds lined up to see the newest film of the franchise series, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

“Star Wars, you already know. I’m super pumped man. It’s probably gonna be the movie of the year,” said movie goer Dalton Bartley.

The new film premiered Thursday Night and is projected to be one of the best films of the year. Many people have been anticipating the premiere since it was initially announced in 2013.

Although the temperature was dropping by the hour, it did not stop Jackson residents like Dominick Hughes from standing in line to see the film. “The weather here is really good, although it is getting cold, it’s worth it. it’s “Star Wars,” it has to be worth it.”

Some are concerned about the direction of the film since former Star Wars owner, George Lucas sold the franchise to Disney. “I’m kinda scared there’s gonna be a ‘Darth Vader/Mickey Mouse’ in there, but maybe not,” said movie-goer, Devin Burrow.

So far, everyone had nothing but good things to say about the film. “It was so good! Like I’m freaking out right now because It was just really good, I didn’t expect it to be that good, but I just wanna go back and see it again. It’s worth the wait, If you haven’t seen this, you probably should,” said Kristen Wilson.

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