New details in Vision 2020 implementation


JACKSON, Tenn — In new information shared with WBBJ that was just sent to teachers and principals, the Jackson-Madison County School System answers more questions as to what’s next as part of Vision 2020.

The school district said they’re still working on a timeline for both staff and students to receive their assignments for the 2016-2017 school year, but expect families to be able to access their zoning information online by mid-January.

Currently the district has posted the new zoning maps on their website.

Meanwhile, the district said school start times may get an adjustment.

Transportation reports show two or three start times could be a possibility, but the district notes they’re still reviewing their options, and will notify parents and staff about any changes before the end of this school year.

Speaking of when school is in session, the district said Issac lane and Arlington, both of which will be Kindergarten through 3rd grade schools, will go year-round.

That means each will have 20 additional instructional days and 19 intercession days built into their schedule.

The district says the school board will determine if they’ll move forward the year-round schools plan.

As far as teacher placement is concerned, the school district said that will depend on each school’s new enrollment numbers.

The district notes elementary classrooms will have an average of 20 students per teacher, while middle and high school will have an average of 25 students per teacher.

Those are the same ratios that they currently have.

As far as the bottom line is concerned, the school district projects nearly $4 million dollars in savings over the first year of the Vision 2020 implementation.


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