JCM using school closing as motivation during basketball season

EAST JACKSON, Tenn. – Every week is a constant battle on and off the basketball court for JCM’s basketball program.

Practicing and game preparation is only half the picture.

The unseen pressure is the team stepping on court knowing this is the Cougars last basketball season in school history.

Instead of hanging their heads because of the Vision 2020 Plan decision, the boys team is trying to use the verdict as motivation.

“Got to look at the big picture and reality of it,” head coach Jerry Robertson said. “Maybe down the road we can look back at this situation as a springboard to what happens in our future.

“We understand adversity comes up in life. I’m getting the young men to deal with it as best as they can.”

When Robertson was hired as head coach last year, his immediate goal was to bring the program back to prominence.

His mission now is to use the school closing as a lesson for his players.

“Everything we do, we need to have togetherness,” Robertson said. “Good teams and good families stay together. You see a lot of production from those situations when it happens.

“I don’t know what will be my next move, but I’m not ready to quit coaching.”

JCm Huddle

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