Wayne County man accused of multiple rapes of older women

WAYNESBORO, Miss. (AP) – Waynesboro police have charged a 54-year-old man with breaking into homes of three women and raping two of them.

Mark H. Pittman was charged Thursday with burglary and rape. WDAM-TV reports a judge set bail at $750,000.

Investigators say that on three occasions in the last 18 months, Pittman broke into the house of a woman older than 70. In June 2014 and July 2015, they allege he raped the women, holding them hostage for hours and threatening to kill them. In August 2015, the woman heard the break-in and escaped, notifying neighbors who called police.

Pittman was arrested in August, hiding partially dressed in the bathroom with a weapon after the third incident. He’s been a registered sex offender since an attempted rape in Wayne County in 2006.