Savannah Roads Flood as Tennessee River Rises

Hardin Co. authorites warn residents more water is coming.


SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Around 9 P.M.  Friday , Hardin County authorities alerted residence in low-lying areas that heavy rainfall in east Tennessee and Alabama will cause the Tennessee River to rise to flood stage.

Saturday morning, a few roads were already closed because of high water.
“Its forecasted to rise the highest its been in 10 years,” said Chief Melvin Martin, the Hardin County EMA Director. “The roads are closed today. There are some areas they cant get into anymore.”
Residents were warned Friday night to move their campers and trailers because they expect another five to eight feet of water by Sunday morning.
John Vickers and his wife, who own a few campers in the area, were moving their campers until almost midnight after they got a call from their neighbors.
“It’s coming quick and said if you’re going to come, you better come tonight,” said Vickers. “We were going to come this morning, of course you see we would have made it.”
Saturday was too late for some residents wanting to drive down Coffee Landing Rd. The water was too high so they turned around. But one truck did dare to make the trip across the water.
“We have an interest there so we were checking on our property,” said property owner Chris Pyron. “We’re river people, we’re use to it.”
“This is river life for us,” said Vickers. “If you’re going to have a place on the tn river its a chance its going to flood.”

Although a few residents took a chance driving through flood waters, authorities say it’s not the smart thing to do.

“We advise if the road is flooded, turn around don’t drown,” said Chief Martin.

Residents in this area should keep an eye on the weather forecast and stay out of the rising flood waters. If the water keeps rising there could be up to 20 road closure in the Savannah area by Monday morning.

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