Two puppies dead in Weakley Co. after freezing to death

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn.—six dogs are headed to a paris shelter later this week after police seize them and arrest their owners.

Authorities say they allowed two puppies to freeze to death when the temperatures dropped..

Captain Terry McDade with the Weakley County Sheriff’s office says he made three different trips to a house off of Kester Road last week after neighbors called to ask him to check on the animals there.

“Two dogs out front they were skinny with their ribs sticking out one had been regurgitating I had been out there twice and both times the dog was sick and had been sick inside the house,” he said.

Last Friday McDade says he spoke with the dog owners Amber Davidson and Joshua Dailey.

“I made contact the third day one of the dog owners had stated to me one of the dogs had puppies had two had frozen to death,” Captain McDade said.

McDade says he never saw the two puppies but says Dailey told him that he knew he should have taken better care of the dogs.

“He did admit to the puppies dying because he felt like he should have taken them in the house and he didn’t,” McDade said.

McDade says both Davidson and Dailey are charged with one county of animal cruelty each/

Davidson and Dailey are currently free on a $500 and $2500 bonds respectively and will appear in court next Wednesday.

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