Anti-bullying app launches in West Tenn. schools

BOLIVAR, Tenn. — Several West Tennessee schools introduced a new app to students Thursday.

Life in the digital age is stopit appfull of texting, tweeting and posting. Some say young adults need even more protection against bullying than ever before.

“My challenge to you is are you willing to make a difference?” Sgt. Tom Rich said to dozens of students packed into the Bolivar Middle School’s gym.

Rich is a cyber safety speaker. Along with warning students about the dangers of social media, he also showed them how to use the STOP!T app.

“It is designed to mitigate all the issues kids are facing with social media, with pressures, and just give them an ability to anonymously share these concerns with people who can help them,” creator Todd Schobel said.

The app is simple and free for students in participating schools.

Once downloaded, students will register with their school and then can begin to report offensive behavior, such as bullying, through the app.

Schobel said this also will help administrators. “It kind of gives them a window into what’s going on in the school.”

The app is currently available in 29 states. A March launch is planned for Japan.

Users are able to access 24/7 counseling, guidance and send messages through the program.

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