Thousands of Tenn. hunting/fishing licenses to expire soon

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Hundreds of thousands of hunting and fishing licenses are scheduled to expire on Monday.

TWRA licenses“It applies to hunting and fishing,” said Dave Gabbard, Region One information coordinator with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Annual permits expire on the last day of February each year. “Whether that be our basic hunting and fishing license or we have what’s called an annual sportsman license, that encompasses everything.” Gabbard said.

With spring on the way, Gabbard said fishing and spring wild turkey season will be the next big hunts.

If you’re caught without a valid permit, you could be hit with a fine. “Like a traffic offense, because it’s a misdemeanor offense, but you may have to appear in court,” Gabbard said.

New and returning permit holders have four ways to get licensed — at a retailer, at the TWRA offices, online, by phone or through the TWRA’s mobile app.

Permit prices vary, but Gabbard said the basic annual hunting and fishing combination license is $34.

“Average that out over a year and it’s pennies per days,” he said.

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