Election Commission prepares precincts for Super Tuesday

JACKSON, Tenn. — Super Tuesday is almost here, and 33 voting precincts in Madison County are preparing for the crowds.

voting precinct“I got involved because I think it’s great to volunteer and do your civic duty. It’s a privilege to vote,” said Precinct Officer Geri Goethals.

Vehicles are loaded up with supplies ahead of the election day. The Madison County Election Commission said with all the polling locations, it’s important to know where to go. Each county has a designated website, and Tennessee has its own app, “Go Vote TN,” which can be downloaded for free.

“If you’ve moved since the last time you voted, update your voter registration with our office before you go vote,” said Kim Buckley with the Madison County Election Commission.

You’ll see a lot of names on the ballot including candidates for both parties. Some of these candidates have withdrawn from the race. In West Tennessee, you can choose 14 delegates. These are people who will represent their party at its convention where each nominee will be chosen.

If you didn’t register in time for the primary, election officials said you still can vote this November in the general election.

“Starting Wednesday, we’ll start registering people to vote again, and we’ll have to stop once again for the Aug. 4 state primary and county general election,” Buckley said.

Click here to see voting locations in Madison County.

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