Local mom welcomes Leap Day baby boy

JACKSON, Tenn. — If you’re born on Feb. 29, you may call yourself a Leapling, and many will probably ask when you celebrate your birthday.

Leap Year 2016 babyMonday morning at 9:21, Laura Long had to answer that question as she welcomed her first baby boy, Luke Daniel Long, into the world. Luke weighed in at 7 pounds and 15 ounces.

As his family celebrates his birth, Laura says they feel lucky and that somehow the family had a feeling their baby boy would be born on Leap Day.

“We had bets going — we did have bets — but the due date got moved up, and so we had bets it was going to be on Leap Year,” Laura said.

By the way, Laura says she plans to celebrate Luke’s birthday on March 1 since technically that’s when he was expected to be born.

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