Works stalls on Gulfport’s Fishbone Alley project

GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) – Gulfport downtown merchants are eager to capitalize on a new attraction, but work on Fishbone Alley ground to a halt for a while.

The Sun Herald reports Gulf Breeze Landscaping of Gautier began demolition Jan. 3, planning to complete the project in 90 days.

On Jan. 20, Gulf Breeze project manager Jason Roberson said workers ran into telecommunications lines in the alley’s concrete floor.

Other utility companies also decided to replace lines running through the alley.

Mullen says the company should be able to resume work in the service alley Wednesday, then get back to Fishbone Alley, where demolition has been finished and construction will begin.

Fishbone Alley will soon become an area of vertical gardens, artwork and entry ways into restaurants and bars.