Commissioner McQueen visits West Tenn. schools

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — State Commissioner of Education Candice McQueen’s mission to meet 10,000 Tennessee teachers brought her back to West Tennessee on Tuesday. She made several stops throughout the area, talking with teachers and students.

McQueen in CaywoodCommissioner McQueen listened Tuesday during a reading class at Caywood Elementary School. This is all part of her Classroom Chronicle Tour in which she hopes to meet 10,000 teachers within a year.

“We wanted to ensure that the work that’s happening in the classroom is aligned to the standards that we’ve had in our state and to hear directly from teachers and hear directly from students about their experiences,” McQueen said.

Principal Cindy Olive of Caywood Elementary was happy with McQueen’s visit. “Her initiative is all about reading, and we were just excited to have her to see what we’re doing and hear what the state department has on their plate for initiatives.”

McQueen was able to participate in a classroom discussion to get the students’ perspectives on what is being taught by their teachers.

“It’s great to hear students talk about the importance of their teacher and the work that their teacher does, because that gives us a since of not only academic alignment but a sense of the relationships that are being built,” McQueen said.

She has visited around 60 districts throughout the state of Tennessee and said they are picked to ensure she gets a cross section of different schools.

“We just appreciate her taking the time to see what it’s like on both ends of the state and in small towns as well as Nashville,” Olive said. “It was just good for the kids to see that they’re important here too.”

The Classroom Chronicle Tour is almost over, but McQueen said she plans to continue to look for feedback from students and teachers.

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