Union Freshman duo ready for Gulf South Tournament

JACKSON, Tenn — The 9th ranked Lady Bulldogs have an uncommon duo in their starting backcourt with two freshman leading them into the conference tournament.

The pair of Jadas, Smith and Perkins, have combined for over 280 assists in their first year playing college basketball, and they said having another freshman along with them on the ride is a special experience.

UnionWomenDrop2016Opener“I know when I’m not scoring well I know she’s either scoring well, and if she’s not scoring well, I’m scoring well,” Union freshman guard, Jada Perkins said. “We just work very good together.”

“It’s a lot of fun, especially having the same name and playing with eachother,” Union freshman guard, Jada Smith said. “It’s been a lot of fun and our teammates have just trusted us this entire season, and its been good to come in and just take the responsibility and do our jobs and be successful.”

Union’s men and women’s basketball teams play in the opening round of the Gulf South Conference Tournament Tuesday night at home.

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