K-9s from all over country meet in Paris for training

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. — Henry County has literally gone to the dogs this week for K-9 training with the North American Police Dog Work Association.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 1.22.42 PMIf you drive past the Henry County Fairgrounds, you may notice something a little different going on.

“This week is going to be a certification in training for the dogs that are in the Tennessee area,” Master Trainer Dan Lane said. “Here we are going to certify them in narcotics patrol work under the standards of North American Police Dog Work Association.”

Around 40 K-9 Units from all over the country will train this week in drug patrol, trafficking and cadavering.

“This gives them a different atmosphere, different dogs, different circumstances, different areas to train in, so it’s all new and it’s all fresh to them,” Sgt. Karen Douglas with the Tennessee Highway Patrol K-9 Division said.

On Monday, K-9s were tested in different scenarios such as luggage searches, car searches and room searches.

“They’re a team, the K-9 and the handler working together, and so it gives our officers and all the other officers an opportunity to come together to work,” Henry County Sheriff Monte Belew said.

And the dogs wear the same badge their handlers do.

“They are a police officer just like us — trooper, police officer, county, city, whatever — they are a part of us,” Sgt. Douglas said.

The dogs will go through around 30 hours of training this week. Training will last until Friday.

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