Education Vision Committee meets, prepares for Thursday’s board meeting

JACKSON, Tenn.-The Education Vision Committee met Tuesday evening to discuss hot topics ahead of Thursday’s school board meeting.

The committee, made up of county commissioners and school board members addressed having the same start time district-wide for schools.
The district said it is not ready to make a decision, but did stress the change would cost $2 million due to the increase need for buses and drivers.

County commissioners also raised concerns about combining middle school sports teams.

“Where the school board and county commission can understand each other. And we have certain questions that we haven’t gotten answers to and they are going to go back and get some of those answers for us,” said Gerry Neese, chairman of the Madison County Commission.

The school board will continue Tuesday night’s discussion during their work session Thursday at 5 p.m., followed by their monthly board meeting.

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