Woman charged with burning home while family slept

GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. — An arson investigation heats up in Gibson County as deputies make an arrest almost four months after the flames were extinguished.Katherine Jamieson arson arrest

Officers said Katherine Jamieson, 43, was a suspect from the beginning but they were just now able to charge her. Last November, deputies said she got in a fight with her mother and step-father. Later that night, the family’s home went up in flames.

“The fire was deemed suspicious that night,” Gibson County Fire Chief Bryan Cathey said. “Bomb and arson and the Gibson County Sheriff’s Office were called and they have been investigating ever since.”

After four months officers named Jamieson as their suspect, Tuesday.

“She actually came in for an interview and a polygraph,” Sheriff Paul Thomas said. “After that she was questioned again and confessed.”

Investigators said Jamieson told them after the fight with her family she decided to light their home on fire while they slept.

“They had one working smoke alarm in the house and it woke them up,” Chief Cathey said. “They luckily got out of the house. If they didn’t hear it, they would have died in the fire.”

After firefighters put out the flames, investigators found Jamieson used whatever she could get her hands on to start it.

“There were dead leaves around the side of the home and some accelerant in one spot,” Chief Cathey said. “She used all of that and possibly a broom.”

But what is even more shocking about this crime, although deputies said she admitted she regretted it, she did nothing to stop it.

Fruitland arson house“She did say she tried to extinguish the fire after she set it because she felt bad,” Sheriff Thomas said. “It didn’t get extinguished but she made no effort to wake her parents up or get them out of the house. She just went home and let it run its course.”

Jameison is charged with aggravated arson. She is being held at the Gibson County Jail in lieu of $75,000 bond. Jamieson’s next court date has not yet been set.

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