TDOT partners with Waze app to provide real-time info for drivers

NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Department of Transportation has rolled out a new data-sharing partnership to take the stress out of your daily drive.

TDOT SmartWay WazeTDOT is partnering with Waze, a free navigation app, to provide the public with more real-time information through the app and the TDOT SmartWay website.

Drivers will now have access to information such as highway incidents, construction and real-time day-to-day issues fellow motorists see on their commutes.

“We hope this will help the commuters get to their destinations safer and faster by being able to know before they go,” said Nichole Lawrence, who works in community relations for TDOT. “They can check the system before and know if there’s hazards or a road closed or an accident in their path, and they can take an alternate route.”

You can access Waze traffic information on TDOT SmartWay by visiting and then going to the feature menu and clicking the Waze icon.

TDOT SmartWay insights are also now available within the Waze app on iOS and Android.

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