Two counties send search boats for overnight rescue

IMG_8592[1]GIBSON COUNTY, Tenn. — Rescue boats had to be dispatched to help a driver escape from high water Saturday morning.

According to Gibson County Fire Chief Bryan Cathey, the woman was traveling in from Greenfield.

Chief Cathey said the woman was traveling in from Greenfield on Old Trenton Dresden Road when she hit large amounts of water.

“At that point the Weakly County Rescue Squad brought in a boat, members of the Greenfield Fire Department and members of the Gibson County Fire and Rescue Agency did respond and we did rescue the woman from the vehicle,” Greenfield Fire Chief Bob Dudley said.

The driver was able to make it to a dry spot but was surrounded by nearly three-foot deep waters.

“The current was very strong it was trying to pull the boat across the road we finally made it to the vehicle I got out of the boat and walked to the car,” Greenfield Fire Department Engineer Robert Rodriguez said.

The road had not been closed at the time, because officials were unaware the water had risen to a dangerous level.

“The water does come from the east from Carroll County, it comes this way and of course it drains over in Obion County what was flooding in Carroll county day before yesterday the water is  finally getting here that is what we have today,” Chief Dudley said.

The woman called dispatch and said her car lights had stopped working.

“It [the current] could move a very big truck I mean the current you could not walk across it by no means it almost pushed her car in,” Rodriguez said.

Chief Cathey said the rescue team had difficulty seeing exactly where she was lcoated. Since she was in between the Gibson and Weakley county lines, both agencies worked to find them woman.

“If you see a road like this flooded do not try to attempt to go through it call 911 and tell them where you’re at and what the problem is if you see barricades up do NOT go around those barricades,” Chief Dudley said.

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