Prosecutors try to move 1 player in rape case to adult court

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Prosecutors want to transfer one of the three Tennessee high school basketball players charged with raping a teammate from juvenile to adult court.

Three Ooltewah high school players face aggravated rape charges. Police say the defendants assaulted a freshman teammate with a pool cue Dec. 22 in an apparent hazing incident.

All three players were charged as juveniles. One is now 18 years old, and a hearing is being held Tuesday to determine whether his case should be transferred to adult court.

Prosecutors say this defendant was a leader in the assault. They described the incident as an “aggressive, pre-meditated and horrific attack.”

Jeff Stern, the defendant’s lawyer, said the freshman’s injuries were “completely unintentional and accidental in nature” and cited his client’s lack of a juvenile record.