Car flips after crashing into North Jackson home

JACKSON, Tenn. — An unusual crash in North Jackson ends with car landing on its side after ramming through part of a house.  The driver was taken from the scene by ambulance.

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Neighbors said the woman went out for the day and was just pulling into her garage when the crash happened. Her small SUV smashed through the back then flipped over trapping her inside.

“She blacked out,” one witness said. “She just rammed through the garage like that and crashed through the back of it.”

The car flipped after firefighter said the woman hit a set of concrete stairs behind the garage.

“We’re not sure how much electrical damage there was but there’s two walls that were damaged pretty heavily,” Captain John Overton with the Jackson Fire Dept. said.

The woman was trapped inside for only a few minutes until firefighters could get to her.

“We were able to walk in to her and put her on a back board and bring her out, versus having to crawl in and do a full fledged extraction,” Capt. Overton said.

First responders said the woman escaped the unusual scene with only minor injuries.

“It was a fairly simple extraction,” Overton said. “But it’s something we don’t come across very often inside a garage.”

Neighbors said the woman has a medical condition but police said they’re still investigating what happened.

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“There’s a number of things that could have caused her to do this,” Capt. Overton said. “Maybe an illness or just she stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. I’m not sure.”

The woman was transported to a local hospital to be evaluated but firefighters said she was in good spirits and is expected to be OK.

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